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Winter 2014 Season Celebration!!! More News

This Saturday, June 21st, the GTCDC will hold an end of season blind draw to celebrate the Winter 2014 season. The event will be held at the Wagon Wheel in Kingsport and will begin at 1 PM. The league will provide all players that participated in this past season with 2 beers. The blind draw is open to anyone who wants to attend and participate, not just GTCDC players. The entry fee for the blind draw will be $5 for players that participated in this past season (the GTCDC will put in the other $5) and $10 for anyone that did not play in the GTCDC this past season. Greg and I will also have money available for the season payout. If you plan on collecting your money this day, please let Greg or myself know ahead of time so we know how much money to bring to the event. The final stats and finances are posted. If you can’t make the event, please contact Greg or myself to set up a time that you can collect your winnings.

Posted by Steve Moore, Created Wed Jun 18, 2014

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